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My Secret Life among Psychic Spies

By PHILIP CHABOT with Laurie Anne Blanchard



I recommend this book because of its personal and gripping story of a young man coming of age with a powerful and impressive gift. Its magnitude overwhelms him.


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Very Highly Recommended…Written in the first person, this story is lively and highly interesting to read; it actually resembles a spy film as it involves suspense, mystery and a lot of action.

Liana Metal




A surprisingly gripping memoir about a man whose psychic abilities were exploited by the government, in the 1960s. Having trouble putting this sucker down.





It explores the hardships and misunderstandings psychics face, along with how various governments tried to harness this ability during the Cold War.


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Written in the first person in the form of a documented memoir, the book is direct in impact and very effective in conveying the hues and the scents of the 1960's, when the main character struggled with his gift, was tormented because of it and eventually gravitated towards and caught in the CIA net.


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I found this account to be intriguing and yet chilling. The thought of the US government experimenting on citizens is frightening. I went to Philip Chabot’s website and listened to his videos. I highly recommend that all readers take the time to listen to them.    

Debra Gaynor

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“He could carry on conversations without the use of phones to others that had the same gift.”

Cy Hilterman





I like the way Philip tells his story, he keeps the reader wanting to know more.


The Bookworm



 Operation Blue Light is one man's account of his psychic experiences in the 1960s, during a time when the MKULTRA experiments took place (think Conspiracy Theory).


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This book flows like a stream of consciousness. It is personal, interesting and fast paced.

D. McCue “Bigskeeter”

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Some of the tale seems a bit too outlandish to be entirely truthful, but certain things, such as his smart-ass attitude with the FBI and CIA after the infamous international phone conversation, are just too funny and powerful to mark off as fictitious.

T.C. Robson

The Bookshelf Reviews



I've known a few psychics in my day, as well as having had a few psychic experiences myself.  None of what I have experienced or heard of from the active participants had anywhere near the level of detail Mr. Chabot relates.

Michael Gleason



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