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Court Papers From FOIA Litigation

Courtroom News Service December 5, 2013

This Declaration of Martha M. Lutz was part of the litigation of Phil Mosier's Freedom of Information  Act claim this it came from the  Chief of the Litigation Support Unit, Central Inelligence Agency. I find amusing the statements that starts at the bottom of page 18 to the effectd that the CIA did not classify these unnamed embaising documents because they are embarrassing.

This "..Statement of Undisputed Facts.." came from the Attorneys for Defendant, Central Intelligence Agency

This "Response to CIA's Statement of Undisputed Facts" Is from Phil Mosier's Attorney Avner D. Sofer, Esq. of San Rafael, California. F.O.I. the the "well documented (see Exhibit C)" proof that there was an interview mentioned on line 17 page 7 of this "Response to the CIA's Statement of Undisputed facts." is Philip Chabot's (A.K.A Phil Mosier's) book Operation Blue Light: My Secret Life among Psychic Spies.

This "Memorandum and Order " is the decison of Morrison C. England, Jr. Chief Judge of the United States District Court.


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