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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When did you first realize you had psychic abilities? 

In high school I would be able to predict who would win ballgames ahead of time. However, it always affected my social life.  First of all my friends wanted to know how I did it and I could never tell them— it just happened.  Then, as I tell in the book, when I began to find out things about them, they started shutting me out of their lives.

How do people react to your story? 

I didn’t tell it very often.  My story did not make my life better. So for a long time I thought I would be better off if I just tried to leave it behind. I have always been aware that there will be some people who will think that, “Anyone who believes they have telepathy is crazy.”

Why are you telling your story now, decades later?

Now, after 40 years of silence it feels like the time is right. I think there are other people out there like me that I would like to get in touch with. I wonder how they were affected in their lives, perhaps they too were upset or destroyed by these governmental activities. Maybe it would begin a dialogue about their experiences at that time. Maybe some of the government agents are retired now and would like to add their perspective to this story.

Would you like to talk about the dedication in your book?

I dedicated the book to "the casualties of the cold war's psychic battlefields both military and civilian, on all sides." We will probably never know how many lives were disrupted, disturbed or even shortened by the efforts of behavior control and psychic training in particular.  We can take some consolation in that there were probably not too many Americans who were misused during the early formative stages of our study and training to be psychic soldiers. But I also feel sorry for those Communists who were the hapless guinea pigs of their very serious and formidable efforts. I believe that for every one life that American efforts screwed up the, Russians probably screwed up a hundred.  This is because they knew that no one there would ever find out what they were doing. The result was that the Russian psychics were very good and the organization was very tight. But I pity both those who made the cut and those who didn't. We'll never know what happened to them afterwards.

Is there something that you were aware of that particularly annoyed you that the US government was doing?

In the beginning, there was a group of people in some government agency that really bothered me. I believe now that they were probably National Security Agency (NSA) but at the time I had never heard of the NSA. I could sense that they were listening and writing down what they heard me think in shorthand. It was a very disturbing evening, but boring to describe, so I left it out of the book.

What have you done to develop your psychic abilities?

I believe that I got to the very high level of psychic ability that I had that week in July 1966 by a combination of events that I could only partly control. My psychiatrist was happy with my progress and took me off my medication about 6 months earlier. The phone company had built a microwave antenna right across the street from my work area that aimed right at my office all day.  And my job and social live was not going well. I needed to escape to somewhere else in my mind. Usually when mental patients want to not think about  the problems they have in this world they construct a fantasy world but I just tuned in on what was out there. I tuned in on the talking that the psychic spies were worked at. I also still think that they selected me as a test subject, but I was talking to foreign intelligence community agents as well as US agents. Some were pulling me in, some were pushing me out.  I may never know very much about these dynamics. After the end of the book, I tried to actually stop my psychic ability because it had no real advantage in my everyday life. I made an effort not to think of those things and I concentrated on the here and now based in this world. Psychic ability is not a good thing for everyone.  For me it was like a drug.  I was addicted and I needed to stop in order to live a normal life. The more accurate it is, the more addictive it is and for that week in July 1966 my ability was almost perfect — the onlty thing I could not get was names.

So what do you advise those who want to develop their psychic abilites.

It is not easy living in a society where most people do not believe in the ability you have.  I was good at telepathy yet, according to the latest Gallop poll,  only 31% of the people in the US even believe that ability exists. And 27% do not believe in any type of paranormal experiences. There are many people who encourage the development of our psychic abilities and some provide real effective paths to that life style. My experience was so tied with my unhappy life that I warn people to always consider the possibility that you may become addicted to your psychic abilities and that you may be much better off working on your life’s problems in this world instead of that one.  

Why did you decide to go to jail that fateful night? 

To protect myself from the federal agencies, including the FBI and CIA and military intelligence. I was worried that they would pull me away and I would disappear.  I was sure they wanted me because my ability was so good at that time. Even at the jail when they interviewed me the CIA suggested I could go with them. I have never regretted saying no.

What has been your most amazing psychic discovery with Operation Blue Light? 

It was how much effort was being accomplished by the agencies around the world. In the bigger picture.  There was a developmental stage involving spoken telepathy, a new type of ability.  They gave up on it but during that time a lot of agencies around the world were using it. Why they gave up on it I don’t know. Perhaps because other amateurs like me were always interrupting them.

I notice that you do not mention the subject of Remote Viewing in your book yet that is the only US government psychic activity that many people think of.

As I recall, the term "Remote Viewing" did not start to be used until Russell Targ and Harold Puthoff introduced the term in 1974. But I have done some reading on the subject and it could be that Remote Viewing could explain one thing that happened that I have been puzzling over for a long time. You know I have been pretty good at tying all the loose ends together, but I did leave a few in there  just in case something may come up to explain it when I start hearing from readers.  When I was talking to the Russians on the phone they told me that they believed I was not alone in the room.  They said that they believed I was with someone.  I told them I was sitting at a desk in front of a mirror so that may be confusing them. Then they said that was not it. So I told them that perhaps other people were listening in to our conversation. No, they said that was not it either.  At the time I had no other explanation and the Russians were very good so it was hard for me to see how they could have made a mistake like that, but now I think I might have an explanation. One of the uses for Remote Viewing is to see and hear what happened at some other place and time. It seems possible now that one of the secret assignments those psychics may have been given was to study that motel room in Lebanon, Missouri when I was there. It could be a remote viewer that the Russians were sensing. If so, it would mean that the efforts at Remote Viewing may not be as secret as our government would like to think. Russian psychics may know when our Remote Viewers are watching some place even in the past or future.

Is this type of government surveillance still going on?

Not like it was back then. Now, it is not verbal conversation. Rather, it is “Remote Viewing.”  Remote Viewing is probably being used by some, still secret, branches of our intelligence community. For those who may not be familiar with the term. For example, there was a branch of the army that was recruited because of their psychic experiences. They would sit in a darkened room and concentrate on the target they were assigned to that day, and be able to describe what they see. It was a good method to gather intelligence. This was especially prevalent in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

How did you feel when you discovered the government was using you as a psychic spy? 

I felt like I had to try and do something to make this experience less stressful for the other people that were involved as psychics. The number of people could have been quite a few. I empathized with the poor subjects who were being trained in labs against their will. At the time, I thought I had chosen to listen in of my own free will. Looking back I am not entirely sure. I may have been pulled in by some group.  I’ll probably never really know.  I told this story from my point of view.  I didn’t guess at what forces were involved.  And I still am not going to do that.

Tell us about your offer to work with the CIA.

It was at the jail cell in Lebanon, Missouri. They offered to take care of me as part of their group. I did not think they knew enough to do a good job of taking care of their psychics. I did not feel it would be safe to work with the CIA. I believed they would fry my brain before long with more microwaves or drugs.  Certainly at that time in my life I was expendable.  If I had gone with them they would not need to ever tell anyone where I was. I have never regretted saying no to that offer.

How did you feel about your paranormal abilities?

As far as being psychic, it was an addiction for me at the time when I was a young man in the 1960’s. We still do not have a real place for psychics in our society, as opposed to other cultures.

Tell us about the marriage arrangement with Mao’s granddaughter.

Mao was the chairman of the Communist party and controlled China completely at that time, and that time was not good.  I really did not know how bad things were in China at that time.  Not too many people did. My friend had been asked by his family to accept this marriage contract and I was trying to understand his attitude about it. I  was trying to follow through with a discussion with the man I call “Stanley Shen” that night. At the time, it seemed like a novelty, something that wasn’t likely to happen. At some point a debating point became a life changing decision.

Do you still utilize your psychic abilities today, and in what way?

I have made quite a study of the psychology of psychics so that I could understand myself.  I mostly use what I learn to “turn it off.” If your psychic ability is too detailed, like mine was, you get too involved in it, it can take control of your life. I didn’t eat or sleep or take care of myself because I was in another realm.  I do spend some time each day just in contemplation, just to get a feel for what I need to do. Should I get busy? Should I rest? Do I need to call someone? That sort of thing. I still feel it is best for me not to go back to that very high level of psychic ability again.

What happened when you learned about the phone conversations being taped?

In the days of the Cold War you just assumed the governments were taping phone calls to communist countries. It was very difficult to even get connected to those countries.  I could sense psychically that there were a number of recorders going at different stages along the way. Some would be high quality because they were running fast while others would be poorer because they were running slower. There still may be a tape recording transcript being passed around someplace. I wish the Russians would sell me theirs.  It would probably be the best. It would have both sides of the conversation.

Why do you think the government targeted you?

Probably. They could have gotten the information that I was in an arranged marriage with Chairman Mao’s granddaughter and that I needed to be watched.  They may have known about my psychic ability so they could have experimented with me. If it was the KGB, although it may seem unlikely, they may have had their own motivation to demonstrate their abilities with the United States. Some groups seemed to be pulling me in and some were pushing me out.  Obviously, I was of interest to some group. I hope by telling this story we might find out some things.

Why did you have heightened psychic abilities at that time?

It was the microwave antenna that was facing my work area. It was also because I was taken off my anti-psychotic medication prescribed by my doctor at the time. And it was just a low point in my life. I believe these factors attributed to my susceptibility and vulnerability towards psychic awareness.

Are there any records around today that document your experience?

With the CIA, a lot of documents were destroyed when Richard Helms and Sid Gottlieb retired in 1972. There was a big destruction of documents and tapes at that time and there may be very little, if any, left. They destroyed all the mind control, MKULTRA, evidence they could at the time. The American version of the tapes of my phone call would have been created and held by the NSA. I don’t believe there has ever been a declassified transcript released of any of the millions of recordings made by the NSA around the world. I still think that the most likely place to find a transcript of the phone call today would be in what is left of the KGB.  And they have been known to sell some of their files to the highest bidder.




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